The week begins like any other in Jacqueline Burne’s messy life. And it just gets worse. Jac’s business is in trouble, her husband is up to no good, and her eccentric housekeeper, Draga, is nagging her with unsolicited advice. Then Jac’s annoying teen stepson lands on her doorstep and wants to stay.

Jac devises a plan to regain control of her life, but Draga jumps in to help and it goes horribly wrong. They soon find themselves on the wrong side of the law, where handcuffs and prison jumpsuits become a real possibility.

As Jac juggles her many problems, dark secrets come to light. And when events take an unexpected and terrifying turn, Jac is forced into a deadly confrontation. It might just be the one mess she can’t clean up…

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Messy Business is a hoot, a comedy caper about friendship and fidelity with partners-in-crime Jacqueline and Draga at the epicentre of the action. Lucia Nardo writes with a light touch, a keen ear and a warm heart

Vin Maskell

Writer/Director, Stereo Stories

The messiest, deadliest mistakes will soon be swept away in this madcap mystery. Jac and Draga make a brilliant crime-solving team, complete with opera glasses and a very trusty broom.

Sherryl Clark

Author, Trust Me, I'm Dead and Dead and Gone

About the author

Lucia Nardo began her career as a social worker and community development manager, later moving into a corporate career as a company executive and business writer for some of Australia’s largest corporations. Since leaving the private sector, she has published nonfiction titles, articles, and short stories. Lucia has taught creative writing in the TAFE sector, and conducts writing workshops in the community. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.